"We love that we can now let our cats out on our porch and have the windows opened when it is nice out. Tiger Wire keeps the cats in!"

Barbara C. (Homeowner)

 "I live on a golf course and have had errant golf balls break window panels in my porch door. The addition of the Tiger Wire full screen storm door has fixed the problem. Golf balls bounce right of the screen! I love Tiger Wire!"

Bill W. (Homeowner)

"Our German Shepard, Dusty can't get through our new sliding screen door. He used get through our big box store door when squirrels and cats would walk into the yard."

Kathy T. (Homeowner)

"My Tiger Wire sliding screen door has stopped me from paying my rental company to come and repair torn screens when my weekly renters leave. Tiger Wire screen has helped me reduce my seasonal repair costs. Good investment!"

Larry K. (Beach Front Condo owner)

"Tiger Wire screens have kept out the squirrels and racoons that used to frequently rip our screen doors under our beach house. Thanks Tiger Wire!"

Bob F. (Homeowner)

"My small terrier, Lucy would run around the patio and bark at the golfers going by. Sometimes she would jump on the screen and rip it. My husband would need to repair the screen on a regular basis. Grand Strand Tiger Wire installed their flange channel screen product and now Lucy doesn't damage the screen. I would highly recommend this product."

Laurie L. (Condo owner)

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