Grand Strand Tiger Wire Screen Systems, LLC in Murrells Inlet

Strongest aluminum door frame available
Designed to last


Tiger Wire is a revolutionary screen system designed to last.  We take super durable stainless steel screen and build it into the strongest, extruded aluminum door frame available.  This durable, quality construction is unmatched. The strength of the Tiger Wire system begins with the actual screen material: .023 gauge Stainless Steel wires (electro-galvanized steel wires), woven together to form what is referred to as a 12 x 12 mesh wire cloth.This means for every square inch of screen there are 12 strands of wire running horizontally and 12 vertically.This cloth is then treated with a tough powder coat finish process that completely covers the wires with a resilient, black specialized paint.  The results are an extra heavy duty screen that has twice the corrosion protection of an non-coated screen.  And it meets the tough requirements of an impressive 60 day salt spray test-equivalent to 50 years of use near the coast. Standard and custom sizes of Tiger Wire screen are available for sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors, double doors, patios, screen porch enclosures and window screens.  They are all guaranteed dog-proof, cat-proof and kid-proof!